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In the age of the Internet, when it feels like everything has been written, created or uncovered, we design journeys that are unique, exclusive and ‘non-googleable.’ 

We believe that in the 21st century, where every inch of the world has been mapped out, discovery happens through personal connections and accessibility: it occurs offline. Focused on a well-balanced mix of body and soul, we design bespoke, authentic experiences that resonate with mindful travelers and connect the dots of Art, Food & Wellness.

We invite you to navigate the site's Art, Food & Wellness sections to inspire a balanced trip design


We offer you extraordinary access into the international art world at the highest level, thanks to our unmatched network of experts and insiders around the planet.

We enrich your journey with a selection of the best culinary experiences in our countries of expertise, offering you insight into unique restaurants and bars, innovative chefs and secret spots.

We design signature wellness experiences, which spring from the destination’s culture and surroundings.

We are delighted to be a Traveller Made member agency.  This unlocks incredible connections around the world that all our travelers benefit from. It is also a standard that ensures the highest quality service in the travel industry.

Healing Yourself While Healing the Earth, with Gabriela Aguilar

So intertwined is our personal health with that of nature's that it becomes a reciprocal relationship. Gabriela Aguilar, founder of Los Yapas Holistic Center in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, guides us along the path of wellness & points to the importance of protecting our planet's natural areas....

Designing the Future for a Better Today, with Kai-Uwe Bergmann

What happens when a passionate traveler and curious learner becomes Partner at one of the most innovating architecture firms of the 21st century? The sustainable and adaptive projects managed by Kai-Uwe Bergmann of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) are a tribute to his past and the future we all want....

Using Food to Create a Zero-Waste Community, with Luciana Bianchi

How does one create a food community in a remote destination without a native indigenous population? Combining her background in Molecular Biology with an impressive network of international chefs, Luciana Bianchi has the recipe for an inspiring, zero-waste project in the Galapagos Islands....