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In the age of the Internet, when it feels like everything has been written, created or uncovered, we design journeys that are unique, exclusive and ‘non-googleable.’ 

We believe that in the 21st century, where every inch of the world has been mapped out, discovery happens through personal connections and accessibility: it occurs offline. Focused on a well-balanced mix of body and soul, we design bespoke, authentic experiences that resonate with mindful travelers and connect the dots of Art, Food & Wellness.

We invite you to navigate the site's Art, Food & Wellness sections to inspire a balanced trip design


We offer you extraordinary access into the international art world at the highest level, thanks to our unmatched network of experts and insiders around the planet.

We enrich your journey with a selection of the best culinary experiences in our countries of expertise, offering you insight into unique restaurants and bars, innovative chefs and secret spots.

We design signature wellness experiences, which spring from the destination’s culture and surroundings.

We are delighted to be a Traveller Made member agency.  This unlocks incredible connections around the world that all our travelers benefit from. It is also a standard that ensures the highest quality service in the travel industry.

From City-State Singapore to Island Paradise Sardinia, with Ruben Pang

Though most of his inspiration is found within, Ruben Pang has drastically changed his environment in such a way that the young Singaporean painter has welcomed vulnerability, commitment and daily happiness into his life. Discover his musings & favorite spots in the artist's newfound home, Sardinia....

Not Not Collecting Art, with Peruvian Chef Rafael Osterling

How does art become the main ingredient in building a lively and welcoming restaurant atmosphere? Just ask Peruvian top chef and aesthete, Rafael Osterling. He may not consider himself an art collector, but his accumulation of and passion for all things beautiful speaks for itself....

Consciously Curating Art and Craft, with Nadja Romain

The new normal has rewarded us with the freedom to not only adapt but redefine what we want and how we’ll get it--at least in Nadja Romain’s world. In the midst of the pandemic she has launched Everything I Want: a virtual boutique that champions slow designs crafted by conscious artisans....