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Created in a time when search engines seemingly do all the searching, Humboldt & Cook draws inspiration from two of the greatest explorers of the Age of Enlightenment: Alexander von Humboldt and James Cook.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, each described millions of sq. km of land and sea as they navigated the unknown. Passionate about new cultures, their artistic heritage and culinary customs, the many voyages of both Humboldt and Cook are legendary.
As a modern iteration of these explorers, we design unique and exclusive journeys that are ‘non-googleable’ and completely experiential.

A well-balanced mix of body and soul, made possible by personal connections

Based on our ample knowledge, contacts and personal passion in the complementary fields of Art, Food and Wellness, we offer the kind of discovery that can only be found through personal connections. 
Our in-country experts provide exclusive access to the most distinguished and knowledgeable art historians, artists, collectors, anthropologists, architects, designers, chefs, wellness pros and other experts in their fields. Step into the international art world, indulge in top culinary experiences and unwind with signature wellness experiences: the thoughtful connection of body and soul is at the core of our journeys, transcending time and place. 

We are mindful travelers, looking to generate a ‘sense of place’ – to gain a deeper, more immersed understanding of local culture and global context.

And in this, we believe in a more responsible tourism that ensures local communities benefit from tourism dollars in ways that treat them as respected partners. We also believe in offsetting our carbon footprint. 

Humboldt & Cook crafts itineraries that deliver interesting human connections, unique storytelling, historical context, all marked by outstanding service.

We are a group of visionary people committed to and experienced in our areas of expertise. Possessing a combined 25+ years’ experience in luxury tourism, as well as the art and lifestyle spaces, we strive to provide you, the discerning traveler, with new ways to see and talk about the world, and to connect the dots of life.




To offset an industry that has thrived on overtourism, we design itineraries with the aim to minimize negative social, economic and environmental impacts. We also believe that travel has the power to drive the development, confidence and pride of local and global communities. Our journeys are filled with opportunities to learn and connect meaningfully with local experts who are on top of the most pressing issues impacting their community.


Designing personalized travel is about curating a flawless, experience-rich itinerary—an art that requires an overall view and first-hand experience. Our journeys are the result of over 25 years of systematic field research as well as mastery in our areas of expertise (art, food and wellness). No detail is too small.


In the age of globalization, the biggest threat comes from increasing distrust between cultures. Understanding the unfamiliar or ‘new’ is therefore critical as it promotes ample coexistence. We see Humboldt & Cook as a platform for positive intercultural exchange and connection, leading to the conservation of natural and cultural heritage while embracing diversity.



Pablo Espinel

Co-FounDer / CEO
Through his father’s involvement in the direction of Art Basel, Pablo was brought up near the center of the contemporary art world in Switzerland. A graduate from Columbia University with a Masters in International Affairs, Pablo has worked for the World Bank and IADB in Washington DC, taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing, was a director at the leading Asian art fair Art Stage and established himself as an entrepreneur in Singapore...

Eric Sheets

Immersed early on in the rich sounds and colors of four Latin American countries, combined with a U.S. academic upbringing, Eric’s worldly perspective led to a passion in finding authentic culture, unique sights and intense rhythms. Founder of Latin Excursions — a reference for personalized travel in the region, recognized by Travel & Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler — Eric splits his time between Miami, Guayaquil and...